Garage Door Won’t Open/Close

These two issues are easily some of the most common garage door issues. Both have multiple explanations depending on the circumstances, but we will break down a few reasons why customers experience this during their time of home ownership.

Let’s start with opening. If the door cannot be opened easily by hand, there is a major hardware issue. Most commonly a broken spring. All garage doors include some type of spring system. These springs take the weight of the garage door so they can be lifted manually and by the operator. A door that cannot be lifted easily, typically has a balance issue. With a broken spring, a door is deadweight. Resulting in a door that is too heavy for both manual use and motor use.This often means a vehicle is trapped. This situation calls for the immediate attention of a garage door professional as the fix is technical and dangerous. REPAIR SHOULD NOT BE ATTEMPTED!

The other option for a door that won’t open is an issue with the motor itself. Garage Door openers have a multitude of complex parts that must be working together properly in order to prevent danger or damage to the homeowner or their property.

Both opening issues require the attention of a professional Garage Door Repair service.

Next, let’s look at reasons why a door that opens normally, won’t close. Assuming there are no issues with the springs or cables, and the door is tracking and balanced properly, the most common hindrance to a door closing is the Safety Beam Sensors located on the bottom of the door tracks. If obstructed, they are telling the motor the opening is not clear and not to close. If wiring has been compromised, or there is an electronic issue with the eyes or motor circuitry, these will prevent the door from closing by sending a false signal. The motor believes the door is obstructed and will not close until fixed. Most openers have a built-in bypass feature.

Having covered all of this, there are outlier issues that can cause both of these symptoms. Regardless if you are certain or uncertain what is causing the issue it is always best to consult a professional to prevent further damage and cost. A proper diagnosis results in the correct solution from the start! Less wasted time and less wasted dollars!

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