Repair vs. Replacement

Repairing door systems vs replacing them is probably the biggest question most homeowners are faced with when experiencing an issue. Our policy at Door King is always to make the best recommendation possible for the longevity, function, and cost effectiveness to the customer.

We specialize in all things for Residential Garage Doors, but more specifically getting things fixed if possible. When a customer is faced with the decision of repairing something vs replacing it, there are a few key factors that we consider when making our recommendations.

  1. How bad is the damage?
  2. How old is the current equipment?
  3. Can it be fixed in a way that doesn’t lead to return visits and extra cost?

Looking at these three items we first consider how bad the damage is. For example, panel ripping is common in doors that have been poorly maintained, abused, or hit by vehicles. When panels are ripped, the severity of the damage determines the path forward. Most oftenly a ripped section leads to new sections or a new system. If it can be reliably reinforced within reason, it’s possible to fix. Each situation is unique and must be evaluated to give an honest recommendation.

If the damage is strictly broken hardware and not actual panel damage, then most often repairs are the way to go. Parts wear out and have cycle ratings. The solution is repairing and maintaining before the panel damage occurs. This prevents more expenses and saves time.

Secondly we consider how old the equipment is. If it’s outdated, beyond the average life for most people, or has outlived its expected life by a larger margin, replacement is more efficient. An expensive repair on something that may not outlive the new parts, isn’t recommended. That said if something is relatively new, under 8 years old and has no signs of abuse, damage, or otherwise, it can be repaired cost effectively.

Lastly, and most importantly is a reliable repair or replacement recommendation. We do not want to attempt repairs that lead to further damage, or costs. Our goal at Door King is to provide the most reliable and cost effective solution for both parties. Multiple visits for an ailing issue just results in more frustration, higher expenses, and less satisfaction for everyone involved. We do not consider our team salespeople, but rather Professional Repairmen/Installers. If a recommendation is made, it is suggested after taking all factors into account.

All of these items aside, we will follow the wishes of a customer, unless the requests violate one of the above three criteria. An example would be a door from 1991, that has been hit by a vehicle, and would need 50% of the cost of a new system in repairs. In this case a more cost effective and reliable solution would be new equipment.

Alternatively, another example would be a door from 2010 that has a broken spring, has been very noisy, and currently won’t open, but is in otherwise good condition. In this case addressing the hardware that has likely exceeded the cycle rating is all that’s needed. We can make that door run better than new! Hardware wearing out is routine, no different than needing breaks on a car, or a compressor in an HVAC Unit. In this specific case, an entirely new door is not necessary unless requested.

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