Why Replace your Garage Door & Opener?: ROI

For a lot of homeowners, one of the big questions when making home repairs, especially before a home hits the market, is will I see a return on my investment. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2024 Cost vs Value Report Garage Doors take the number one spot when looking at ROI. 

The following data shows a 194% Return on a $4500 investment!

Garage Doors are the smile of your home! If located on the front of the house it's an incredibly effective way to improve the overall aesthetic and consequently the value of your home. You can improve the curb appeal, interest and overall look through one of the most efficient and effective upgrades currently available to homeowners.

What if my garage door/s isn’t/aren’t on the front of my home?

In every situation,on the front of the home or otherwise, most homeowners who have an attached garage, use this entry and exit point as the main entrance. An efficient system that works well, consistently, with smart features and security features, can be just as appealing as the look of the doors. When someone is using the door consistently and wants to park vehicles inside, they want things to work and be secure. The idea of buying a home turn-key instead of immediately having repairs done is where most customers want to be. Focusing solely on looks is understandable, but the function is just as important and we have price ranges and solutions for every customer's needs to effectively improve your home situation for yourself, or for the future and potential buyers of your listed property! 

When looking to make cost effective improvements that change the look and feel of your home, a garage door, and the opener most always results in a high ROI for the homeowner. Mainly because little to no prep work is required, and the installation and improvement can be completed within one business day in most cases! Few home upgrades can make operation and curb appeal better in that amount of time! Looking to improve your property for yourself or otherwise, give us a call today!

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